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5 Businesses worth shouting about in our first ever article.


Someone much, much wiser than any of us here said 'begin all things with Gratitude'.  

So here we are putting up our first #bambinijournal article, and so we start with gratitude.


These are 5 businesses we absolutely love and who have been gracious enough to support us as we grow to the brand you know and love today. Whether it be from the epic blog post that give us recognition, helpful businesses advice, or the encouraging message on our LinkedIn page.


Mama's support these businesses. You won't regret it!

Ben & Ellie Baby Luxury Baby Products

Ben & Ellie Baby is based around the philosophy that you don’t stop being a woman when you become a mum.


Yes! You immediately had our attention with that line! ⁣ 


The result is the epic Ben & Ellie Nappy Change Clutch; a design that blends classic luxury with functional design.


Ben & Ellie co-founders Julie & Jess have been more than helpful with all sorts of stylish mum biz advice and a great article feature in their own blog. Thank you ladies!


Go and check out their clutch now.

Baby Diaper Clutch from Ben & Ellie Baby
Embodycon Shaping Dress

Embodycon brings you the ultimate Bamboo Shaping Dress that smooths your shape so you can Embody Confidence.


The brainchild of the wonderful Dejana who has been so supportive as we both reach out to stylish mamas. On that, we love her dress designs because they would make the best maternity dresses, and the best post-partum dresses too. Win-Win.


Shop your Embodycon dress online here.

Bamboo Shaping Dress from Embodycon
Incy Interiors

Oh Incy, how we love Incy. 


Australia's own designer kids furniture brand, now exporting to more than 9 countries worldwide, straight off the bat, that tells you Incy Interiors are really, really good at what they do.


Owned and operated by Mum and interiors enthusiast, Kristy Withers, whom we want to thank for the positive LinkedIn messages. So kind!


Shop Incy Interiors now and prepared to be wowed by the latest in children's style.

Designer Children's Furniture Australia
Minty Magazine & Smallist

Continuing with the stylish interiors theme, say hello to Minty Magazine. To quote, 'we believe the joy of children’s bedrooms should be celebrated' and so Minty is the magazine dedicated to just that.


And Minty also operate Smallist - a curated shopping directory of stylish Australian brands(on which we are proud to be featured.Thanks for the support Minty!)


Minty issue #14 is now available and you can shop from Smallist with just a click.

Nursery and Kids Bedrooms Magazine
The Fashion Baby & Co

Last but not least, The Fashion Baby & CoSydney's hidden baby treasure, and all of Australia's online treasure-trove.


Really they should have been first on this list because they have been with us from the beginning. But hey, alphabetically order didn't play ball on that one. The Fashion Baby & Co is managed by the lovely Ria who has been so bighearted with her support since we hit LIVE on our site!


Situated in Carrs Park for Sydneyside readers, or online for everyone, The Fashion Baby & Co sells everything from Jamie Kay clothing, to gift hampers, to personalised onesies.


Head on over for some retail therapy now.

Baby Gift Hampers from The Fashion Baby & Co

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