Did you know? The Australian safety standards are the most stringent in the world! 

The Australian pram and stroller standard is a document called AS/NZ 2088-2013. This is a mandatory standard that all prams sold in Australia must comply with. Of all the pram and stroller safety standards throughout the world AS/NZ 2088-2013 is the most considered, stringent and robust. 

And so, here are some safety features to be found on Australian prams that are unique to Australia!


The brake pedal or lever on prams sold here must be coloured red. It cannot be black, grey or white as found on prams sold in other countries.

TOP TIP! Checking the brake lever is red is a great way to be sure your pram model has been checked and tested to the required safety standard here in Australia. 

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All prams in Australia are required to have a tether strap permanently attached to the handlebar. This is to be looped around your wrist when you are using the pram for extra security and to make sure your pram doesn't roll away.

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If the seat on your pram can fully recline the seat must include a headbarrier that is permanent. This is normally achieved by making sure the hood on the pram can never be removed. So no matter what happens your little one's head is always protected! 

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The Standard also calls for all safety harnesses to be '5 point break'. This means the buckle on the safety harness must be comprised of 5 separate components so that when the harness is released there are no strapping loops big enough to be a strangulation hazard. Again, the safest design anywhere in the world.

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The standard even specifies what weights all prams must be able to handle in durability, dynamic motion and on tilt test platforms.

The top weight prams are tested to is 20kg. That's the average weight of an 8 year old so there is plenty of margin to ensure all prams sold in Australia are safe and robust. 

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