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To find the right pram it is important that you have all the information at your fingertips, including the different features to be found on different prams, and the pros and cons of each. Today we compare the Bambini MILAN again the iCandy Lime.

iCandy have progressed to become a recognised brand. Classing themselves as a luxury pram brand, let's see how one of their main models, the Lime, compares.


There are six points of difference between these two modern style prams.


The toddlerseat and bassinet on the MILAN are completely separate units, giving you extra life out of both stages of your pram. The Lime uses the same frame and hood for the bassinet and seat, with adjustable fabrics creating the separate functions.


The MILAN toddlerseat is a complete lie-flat seat recline making it more comfortable for your little one. The Lime toddlerseat design reclines but stays as a hammock shape meaning your little one's spine is curved when sleeping.


The unique, bouncy, sprung pram suspension we rave about is included in the MILAN. Use this as your springboard to great adventures with your bub! The Lime does not have any engineered suspension meaning every bump will be felt by your baby and, over time, could compromise the structure of your pram.

larger wheels

The MILAN has larger wheels than the Lime. Large wheels make the pram more versatile on different terrains and mean you require less energy to push along.


The hinge adjustable handlebar on the MILAN adds more structural strength, this is structural integrity that is lost in telescopic handlebar adjustment designs, such as found on the Lime.


We've taken extra care with the MILAN bassinet to ensure you can use it for longer and find it more versatile than the bassinet on the Lime. The MILAN bassinet's unique features include a rocking base for using as a floor cradle, sit-up support inside and coconut fibre padding for comfort.


There are six key points that offer the same functionality in these two modern style prams.

Carseat compatiBle

Both the MILAN and the Lime are car capsule compatible for ease-of-use.

10kg storage capacity

The purchase basket on both prams has been safety tested to a minimum of 10kg storage capacity. That's great news for the shopping trips!


Both prams are AS2088 compliant with key safety features such as a 5 point safety harness in the toddlerseat.


Both prams have leatherette, eco leather, elements. Vegan and animal friendly.

aluminium chassis

The chassis of both designs are made out of Aluminium - the material of choice for pram chassis - strong and lightweight.


Both prams incorporate adjustable elements for extra comfort - adjustable calf rest, adjustable handlebar height and adjustable hoods to the bassinet and the toddlerseat.

In Conclusion,

The iCandy Lime is described as a fuse of functionality and style. The MILAN is a modern multifunctional pram with stand-out style. Both are very similar but choose the MILAN for it's stylish look and extra features to make your parenting journey easier.

To truly compare, we recommend you try out the prams for yourself and check out product reviews.