Why we love PREGNANCY & Baby Expos

With great Baby Expos coming up in 2023, now is a great time to celebrate why we love these events!   

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our 1-5 of Why we love PREGNANCY & Baby Expos.

1. Deals, deals, deals!

2. Easy side-by-side comparisons;

3. Huge range to choose from; all under one roof!

4. On-the-side prep for the next stage;

5. Advice centres and introduction to helpful organisations.

Let's unpack these a bit more below so you know what to expect, especially if you are a first time parent!


Attending a pregnancy and baby expo such as this, gives you access to great deals that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Vendors bring out the very best for these events. From discounts  to free inclusions with your purchase to giveaways

You will walk away with a win in your pocket no matter what!

Top tip - To get a heads up on the expo deals - browse the online directory on the event website, download any apps that may be offered and pay attention to any coupon book or expo guide that may be given to you at the event.

Also, take a highlighter pen so you can quickly highlight any deals in the hard copy event guide that catch your eye! 

Baby Diaper Clutch from Ben & Ellie Baby

Easy side-by-side comparisons

If you are making a big decision, such as purchasing a pram or nursery furniture, a baby expo is the place to do all your side-by-side comparisons easily  and in one day.

Rather than just basing your decision on just look, style and price, at an expo you can look at quality, feel and materials. Side-by-side. And you don't have to try and remember those elements from your last visit to a baby store.

Top tip - if you plan on making more than one big decision at the event, write a three point priority list for each before the day. This will help you to not get overwhelmed or diverted from your real priorities on the day.

Bamboo Shaping Dress from Embodycon

Huge range to choose from

A quick scroll through any online directory for a pregnancy and baby expo will tell you how much choice is on the floor at these events!

Brands that aren't normally represented in baby stores are showcased at expos. From family businesses, to local boutiques, to emerging products, to online-only brands(such as ourselves), shopping at a baby expo will give you are breadth of choice that you won't get at any baby store no matter how big that store is!

So enjoy discovering new products and choosing something that really suits your lifestyle and needs.

Top tip - keep an open mind. Enjoy discovering new brands and products!

Baby Diaper Clutch from Ben & Ellie Baby

Prep for the next stage in your journey

These events cater for more than just first time or new parents. Also represented are brands and products that will help you once you are further along in your parenting journey.

Getting to an expo gives you a great heads up on what is out there for you to turn to as your little one grows up. Without realising it you will be preparing for the next stages as different products catch your eye.

And because you have seen them at an expo you will feel more confident if you choose to purchase online in the future.

Top tip - after the day write down a quick list, save a @pinterest board, or follow on instagram any companies or products that caught your eye. That way you can find them quickly and easily later on! Your future mum-self will thank you!

Bamboo Shaping Dress from Embodycon

Advice centres and helpful organisations

It's not just all about the shopping. Every pregnancy and baby expo has a raft of organisations to help dads, mums, babies and your entire family in any way you need.

From on the floor vendors, to FREE walk-in advice centres with scheduled talks, you can discover help on everything from breastfeeding to baby first aid. 

Top tip - if you have any anxieties around your pregnancy, birth or parenting journey take account of them before the day and keep an eye out for someone to help you with that particular concern. It's all about the small steps!

Baby Diaper Clutch from Ben & Ellie Baby

Thank you for reading this article about why we love pregnancy and baby expos. We hope you are as excited as we are for these upcoming events! Find out more and register to see us here.