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Thank you for choosing Bambini Prams! Please refer to the updates below regarding the location of the shipping vessel and your order.

Hint: Save or bookmark this link as we will be updating this page with any significant update as our shipment nears Sydney.

Should you have any questions please contact us via email

Thank you, The Bambini Team x


DEPARTURE PORT:Port of London London Gateway

DESTINATION PORT:Port Botany Sydney 

VIA : 

Port of Le Havre, France [Completed]

Unscheduled Stop Port King Abdullah, Kuwait [Completed]

Port of Singapore, Singapore [Completed]

CURRENT LOCATION:Arrived in Sydney

Update 10 12th November 2021 12:22PM


Prams are arriving in Sydney!  

Le Havre docked in Sydney on Tuesday 9th November 2021 and we are beginning dispatch preparations.

Over the next week you will receive:

1. An email from us with an address check and confirmation that we are preparing to dispatch.

2. A email from us on the day of dispatch with tracking information.

3. Arrival of your pram order approx. 2 - 4 business days following our dispatch email.

Finally, thank you again for your patience. We look forward to shipping your pram! 

Update 9 3rd November 2021 9:43AM 

Vessel update - New Sydney berth and date reallocated

Port Authority Sydney have scheduled Le Havre's arrival at no 6 Brotherson Dock, Port Botany for 5:00 Tuesday 9th November. 

The earliest date we have for dispatching your order remains at week commencing 14th November 2021. 

What happens once the ship has arrived at Sydney?

Once the vessel has berthed it takes approximately 7-10 business days for the shipment to be offloaded, processed through customs, freighted to our Sydney warehouse, unloaded and processed for dispatch to you.

1. Ship docks

24 hours

2. Offloaded

24 hours

3. Customs

2-3 days

4. Transit to warehouse

24 hours

5. Unpacked and dispatched

2-3 days

Update 8 29th October 2021 8:32AM

Vessel update - Left Singapore and is en-route to Sydney. ETA now 7th November 2021.  

Le Havre has left Singapore and is now en-route to Sydney. However her ETA into Sydney has been changed to 7th November 2021. Unfortunately this is a further delay! (View image on the right in a new tab to see the notification we have received from Mondiale Visa). 

We are now waiting for the Port Authority to allocated her a berth on the new date. We will update you again as soon as we have this berth number and date.

Update 7 26th October 2021 4:18PM 

Vessel update - Vessel has arrived in Singapore

Le Havre arrived in Singapore on Sunday 24th October 2021. Prompt departure will be critical in order for the Sydney ETA to be met. 

Update 6 20th October 2021 3:59PM

Vessel Update - Sydney berth confirmed

Port Authority Sydney have scheduled Le Havre's arrival at no 6 Brotherson Dock, Port Botany for 17:00 Tuesday 2nd November. This effectively locks in the ship's arrival time so we are reasonably confident this date will be met.

Update 5 Vessel update - New ETA date to Sydney advised.

As Le Havre left King Abdullah 13th October Mondiale Visa Global advised us of a significant delay to the vessel's arrival in Sydney. We now have an ETA of 2nd November. Open image in new tab to view.

Update 4 Vessel update - Unscheduled stop at Port of King Abdullah, Kuwait

Le Havre was diverted to the Port of King Abdullah in Kuwait for a unscheduled stop to take on additional shipments bound for Singapore. The ship was in port there approximately 3 days plus extra sea time.

Update 3 Vessel update - Slight delays to enter the Suez canal.

The vessel experienced a slight delay to enter the Suez canal. Our shipping company Mondiale Visa Global advised of a delayed arrival to Sydney. 23rd October 2021.

Update 2 Vessel update - Left Port of Le Havre France on schedule. 

Le Havre arrived and departed its namesake port to schedule. 

Update 1 Container update - COVID delays and reallocated to vessel Le Havre

COVID delays in Europe unfortunately meant our container was allocated to a later vessel than planned. The container was loaded to the container ship Le Havre, scheduled to reach Sydney mid-October rather than the 1st October. Le Havre's route is to Sydney via Port of Le Havre in France and Port of Singapore in Singapore.