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Bambini Prams MILAN¹ Double Twin Pram & Stroller | Newborn & Toddler & Twin | Plus $400 Accessories FREE


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Smart, adaptable and highly manoeuvrable. Our MILAN¹ DOUBLE TWIN baby pram is the multi-functional pram for modern Australian parents.


Stand out from the crowd with our stylish designs, luxe eco leather trims and matching accessories.


Enjoy the ride with our unique sprung mechanism on the back axle, plus other unique Bambini features you won't find elsewhere. 


Accommodate your growing family with single and double configurations and with no need to purchase extra adaptors, bassinets or toddler seats, unless you are wishing to accommodate twins.


Made in Europe. Tested to AS 2088. 


Included 1x Chassis, 1x Newborn Bassinet, 1x Toddler Seat. Plus $345 worth of accessories FREE.

For twin configurations please purchase an additional 1x bassinet and 1x toddler seat.



Feature Highlights


Unique sprung system - the back axle of the MILAN II features our unique spring design. More than just suspension, this features allows for an amazing comfortable ride, no matter the terrain. The system absorb bumps, reduces the effect of uneven surfaces and cushions your little one with a smooth rocking motion. Similar to the classic suspension prams of old, this feature means the Bambini MILAN II feels like no other to use!


Cotton & Coconut Fibre Lining-featured in the bassinet. It provides hygroscopic qualities, maintains an ideal temperature, adds additional support by aligning the the spine, recommended for preventing allergies and eco-friendly


Eco-Leather - vegan leather exterior panels, high durability, protected up to 50+ SPF, water resistant, breathable. 


Unique Rocking Bassinet - bassinet can be removed off the chassis and features a rocking base similar to a cradle.


Unique Bassinet Sit-up - support in the base of the bassinet allows you to sit your little one up in their awake times. Allowing them to see the world and interact for brief between naps.


Lie-flat Toddler Seat  - the toddler seat features a lever that can adjust the seat position to a complete lie flat recline. Allowing your toddler to sleep in a natural sleeping position.


Puncture-proof Wheels - gel wheels designed to be highly durable on all terrains and maintenance free. 


Scroll down for full specification and video demonstration.  



MILAN¹ Double Elliot is Black fabric with Tan and Cream Eco Leather.

MILAN¹ Double Peyton is Blue fabric with Tan and Cream Eco Leather.



  • 1     Double / Twin Frame - Lightweight aluminium

  • 2     Rear wheels with brakes 

  • 2     Front swivel wheels

  • 1     Bassinet - Can be used in conjunction with the toddler seat to create a double pram configuration.  For a twin pram purchase an extra bassinet. The bassinet  is safety tested to 9KG in either single or double configuration. 

  • 1     Toddler Seat - Can be used in conjunction with the bassinet to create a double pram configuration. For a twin pram purchase an extra toddler seat. The toddler seat is safety tested to 15KG in a single configuration or 20KG in a double configuration. 

  • 1     Baby Bag, safety tested to 2KG

  • 2     Bassinet/Seat Insect net

  • 2     Bassinet/Seat Raincover

  • 1     Matching Footcover for Bassinet

  • 1     Matching Footcover for Toddler Seat

  • 1     Attachable cupholder

  • NOT INCLUDED: Infant car capsule adaptors. These are available as extra.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame with a matt black powdercoat finish.

  • Two attachment points to use both the bassinet and toddlerseat, or 2x bassinets or 2x toddler seats on the chassis. Single or double pram configuration. 

  • Unique sprung system on the back-axle to mimic a classic ride experience.

  • Back-axle foot-operated brake pedal. Coloured red to met Australian Safety Standards.

  • Two-hand fold system with safety button.

  • Adjustable handlebar. 5 adjustable height positions. Maximum height of 107cm.

  • Breathable leatherette cover to handlebar.

  • Tether strap on handlebar to meet Australian Safety Standards.

  • All-terrain puncture-proof gel tyres.

  • Front swivel wheels with lock function.
  • Attachable cupholder.
  • Hooks to attach matching Baby Bag.

  • Integrated purchase basket with zip closure. Safety tested to 15KG.

  • Glow in dark wheel rims for safety.


  • Safety tested to 9KG, or when baby can sit up unaided. (NOTE: 9KG is the average weight of a 8 month old)

  • A mix of eco-leather and fabric materials. Animal friendly, with the benefits of leather including wipe clean, waterproof and durability.

  • Adjustable hood with a sun visor and carry handle.

  • Airvent in hood (zip panel).

  • Rigid constructed base for extra protection.

  • Adjustable rocking base; can be rocked when placed on the floor. 

  • Padded cotton lining. Comfortable and breathable.

  • Removable lining for machine washing.

  • Coconut fibre mattress. Breathable and allegen-free.

  • Unique sit-up support option inside the bassinet to help with reflux babies.

  • Matching footcover included.

  • Click attachment to chassis. Dual release handles.

  • Purchase an extra bassinet if using for twins.


  • Safety tested to 20KG in double configuration or 15KG in single configuration. (NOTE: 20KG is the average weight of a 5 year old)

  • 5-point harness to meet Australian Safety Standards.

  • Upholstered shoulder pads on safety harness for extra comfort.

  • Full 180 degree lie-back function with one handed operation.

  • A mix of eco-leather and fabric materials. Animal friendly, with the benefits of leather including wipe clean, waterproof and durability.

  • The seat includes a padded cotton fibre insert with a 1200 threadcount for durability.

  • The seat insert can be removed for machine washing.

  • Adjustable hood including a sun visor, airvent/view window and extendable panel.

  • Rigid constructed base for extra protection.

  • Removable/hingeable bumper bar.

  • Adjustable footrest in black eco-leather to hide shoe dirt.

  • Matching footcover included.

  • Click attachment to chassis. Dual release handles.

  • Seat can be attached world- or parent-facing.

  • Purchase an extra toddler seat if using for twins for toddlers of different ages.


  • Tested to Australian Safety Standards AS088.

  • Extra features to comply with these standards include:

  • - Red brake pedal

  • - Tetherstrap

  • - 5-point harness

  • - Correct safety labels

  • - Head barriers (permanent hood attachment)

  • Tests carried out during safety testing include:

  • - Weight tests(to specified amounts)

  • - Tilt tests

  • - Brake durability

  • - Harness positioning

  • - Strap length (can be no more than 30cm circumference loop)

  • - Pinch point checks 

  • - Label durability/exposure

  • 2 Year (24 Months) Warranty from date of dispatch; please keep all purchase receipts and relevant documentation.


  • Chassis Dimensions Open – L85 x W58 x H107cm

  • Chassis Dimensions Folded - L98 x W58 x H40cm

  • Chassis Weight – 7.3KG

  • Seat Weight – 5.3KG

  • Bassinet Weight – 4.6KG

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