Welcome to the world of wonderful nursery designs.

Congratulations, you're pregnant! And it's time to enjoy creating your little ones' first ever bedroom.

There's a lot to think about. Which room will you use, what nursery furniture to put into it and what your nursery budget will be.

To get you started with some inspiration, here are five nursery designs to love.

Choose from Hamptons, Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic & Colourful, French Provincial or Modern & Minimalistic.

Finally, shop for your nursery from our collection of Boutique Grotime furniture.


Blue Hamptons, Coastal Hamptons, Classic Hamptons. 

Hamptons hallmarks are seen in high skirtings with multi-layered wall panels or wainscoting, wallpaper, symmetrical artwork and ornament placements, green indoor plants, strong textures and a celebration of natural light through paired back window treatments.


Minimalistic, traditional touches, wood tones and a distinctive furniture style.

Mid-Century furniture is masculine and low key with angled legs. Wood tones are celebrated in a deep honey finish.

in a Mid-Century room walls are one tone; window treatments are minimal and artwork is contemporary. 

Finish the room with vintage pieces or rustic touches. 


Colourful Eclectic, Boho Eclectic, Modern Eclectic ...

Eclectic is all about what is IN the room, which can be pretty much anything from different periods and design influences.

These are all brought together with a single underpinning theme - a hero colour, texture, shape or patten. 


 Shabby chic, regal, elegant and luxurious. French Provincial is defined by ornate paneling and timber moldings. Furniture is plush and upholstered in a tufted design. There is often a centerpiece - in a nursery this is normally a cot and canopy.

Layers of luxury and texture are added - crystal chandeliers, ornate mirror, delicate ornaments, layered manchester and rich window treatments.


Less is more with a minimalistic room.

Furniture is modern - straight lines and pared back. 

Use white, neutral tones with maybe some wood tones. The walls can have large artworks, and there doesn't need to be a centre-piece.

You don't need to layer up - put into the room just what you need and a couple of pieces to soften the look.