Get the best picture of your Bambini!

Wondering how to get the best picture of your Bambini Pram? Here are a few pointers to take your images to the next level! Don't forget to tag us on social media @bambiniprams or post using the hashtag #bambinibabies. We love to see your content!

Achieving the best pram picture can be split into two areas. First, setting-up the pram and second, setting-up the shot.

1. Set-up your pram

This part is all about making sure your Bambini looks the very best for images!

Bassinet or toddler seat?

If you are taking photos for in a dedicated photoshoot, first decide what attachment you are going to use on your pram. If you are using the bassinet you may want to raise the sit-up support so your little one can be seen. Or, if you are using the toddler seat, consider whether to put it on world-facing or parent-facing - what would be the orientation best to get the best picture?

Check the wheels

Our MILAN and GENEVA prams have front swivel wheels. Make sure these are aligned/forward-facing for the photo.

Tidy or empty the basket

It can only take a couple of moments to empty or tidy the storage basket, and having this basket clear makes your picture look lots more professional. 

Make sure the hood is straight

Whether you are using the bassinet or toddler seat, the picture will always look best with the hood pulled-up.

Bamboo Shaping Dress from Embodycon

2. Set-up the shot

And then set-up the shot be make it the best image possible! 

Consider your focal point

Make it the pram! Use the rule of threes if you want some surrounding landscape showing. 

Consider the angle

Get down to the pram level to get the best image!

Consider lighting

As always with photos - take your shot in even lighting with any direct light behind you!

3. Now share your images

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