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Bambini Prams Cleaner Kit

Bambini Prams | Pram Cleaner Kit | Keep your pram in pristine condition with our tried and tested pram cleaner products.  



It is so important to look after your pram! Keep your pram pristine and save yourself the cost of expensive professional cleaners.


Our pram cleaner kit is a curated selection of tried and tested products designed to keep your pram perfect.


These products will be perfect for you no matter your pram. It doesn't have to be a Bambini Pram.


Cleaner Tips - 


Begin any clean with the hair & fur brush on the fabric elements of the pram.


Remove the bassinet linings and put into a gentle 40 degree machine wash. Allow to dry before replacing - do not tumble-dry.


For a full eco-clean utilise the hand-held steam cleaner all over your pram and toddler. The combination of pressure and heat is perfect to dissolve dirt and stains. Switch the steam cleaner nozzle attachments to get the best result on the different surfaces of your pram. The steam clean will also sanitise your pram without strong chemicals.


Some stubborn fabric stains can be removed with the leather wipes.


Finish the clean by polish the frame and badge elements with the metal cleaner, and wiping down any eco-leather element with the leather wipes.


Check the wheels, brakes and other moving parts. Grease if necessary. 


Finally, for on-the-go cleaning we have also included a packet of general purpose anti-bacterial wipes.


The kit includes - 


- Hand-held steam cleaner & accessories x1

- Basic cleaning cloths (approx. 40)

- Metal polish (approx. 100g)

- Lint-free cloths (approx. 2)

- General purpose anti-bacterial wipes (approx. 40)

- Leather wipes (approx. 20)

- Hair & fur removal brush x1

- Wheel/moving parts grease (approx. 50g)


Packaged in a high-grade cardboard gift box as shown.

Quantities and appearance of some of the items in the kit may vary from those shown.